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     Motorcycle Fiction began as any other fiction might begin; with stories. Stories that have been embellished upon by the narrator, yet, every fiction story has some semblance of truth. You will recognize these truths. Some will recognize the mechanical side. Some will recognize the personality traits. Most will recognize a good story that has some fact to juice up the soup of a good storyline. These are the stories that we want to give to you.

     Bill Hayes is our Historian of record as far as Motorcycle Fiction dot com is concerned.  He can give us the pulse of our community with the concerns of our community.  Bill has carried his patch for over 40 years.  He knows!  However, we’ve had a few who’ve given us the facts even if they don’t approve of our lifestyle. 

     The authors of our showcase are two who have shown through words how they feel.

“Angels of Death”

By Julian Shek & William Marsden
With a new afterword by the authors

     As hard as they try the authors of this publication cannot factually say that despite their valent effort, Motorcycle clubs are not on the decline throughout the world.  All your stings; all your manipulating of the laws of the land have done nothing to slow the growth of this lifestyle.  Thank you for sharing our history.

     The book is a good source of facts and time line of our history.  Most of it is true.

     They start with the introduction of Michael Krammer.  A known snitch and paid snitch at that.  He was a member of the Mesa Chapter.

Part I    The  Infiltrators
Part II    Australian  Assault
Part III    Undercover  Angels
               7. Black  Biscuit
                    (Jay Dobyns)
Part IV    Global  Reach
               10.  The Great Nordic War
Part V    American  Reckoning                   
               16. The Racketeering Rap
Epilogue– Return to Hollister
                    With a new afterword by the authors

     In the end even the authors concede the fact that the Motorcycle clubs are and will continue gaining ground around the world.

     We’ve found this book to be a good history lesson for the young, a good reminder for the active and a good source of stories from our past to tell our grandchildren.

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